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Eureka Springs. 


In addition to the many activities planned for our wedding, these are some things we highly recommend you check out while you're here. 

Food and Wine Festival. 




This weekend only, Eureka Springs celebrates the annual Food and Wine Festival. Many restaraunts around the city will offer special menus with carefully selected wine pairings. 

Second Saturday Gallery Openings.


An evening stroll through the lovely streets of downtown Eureka Springs.  Galleries open for your enjoyment with light refreshments and wine.  Special artists’ showings and demonstrations.

Kites and kaleidoscopes, gemstones and crystals.   


There are many amazing shops to check out in Eureka Springs. If you get a chance, we recommend visting the following:


1. Kaleidokites

2. Crystal Waters 

3. Granny's Place

4. Sacred Earth Gallery 



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