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10 years in the making. 


Some of you know their story, but for those of you who don't - the fall of 2015 marks the 10 year anniversary of their first date. After meeting in the fall of 2005, they immediately had an attraction for one another and spent many days and nights together in Stillwater, Oklahoma where they studied interior design and natural resource management. Tuomas had to return to Finland only 6 months after they met, but they decided to keep the relationship going. Brookie visited Tuomas in Finland later that year and Tuomas returned to Oklahoma again 3 more times. While Tuomas completed his masters degree in England, Brooke completed her degree in Interior Design at Oklahoma State University. Unfortunately, through the distance, they drifted apart. Life went on and carried the two around the world for over 6 years. Last fall, in September 2014, the two were reunited while both visiting dear friends in Oklahoma. Tuomas had not yet met the sweet Kaiya Brooke, daughter of Allison and Bentley Potts, named after Tuomas' Mother Kaija and Brooke. After three days together, reunited with the company of dear friends and family, the couple decided they would do whatever it took to be together. They knew within moments of seeing each other again, after six years, they needed to be together. The timeline of events is unparalleled; the six years of growth, exploration, and learning about themselves culminated into a great understanding of what it means to take your time, trust yourself, and appreciate real true made for each other love.   


New Year's in Helsinki
Ivy with us
we love ice cream
we love cheese
the sauna I proposed to her
warming up the cabin
fluffy trees
down dog
Tuomas in Peak District, England
garden brunch
Lake Michigan
Celebrating New Year 2007
Antlers and cows
2006 Kiasma, Helsinki Finland
Brooke jumped off a plane
2007, Wien Austria
hiking rainbow bridge trail in Utah
2006 Sauna time Finland
checking out the bog
I could get use to this
brookie flowers
Warren Dunes 2014
we went hang gliding 2006
sunset in Oklahoma
same hair cut
First time we snuck Brookie in a bar
At Cains ballroom 2006
Earth Day 2006
First party we went as a couple
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